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Circuit A7z3t0

by Arbitrary Identifier



Classified research probe DS-T4 left the range of human observation on the 4th of August, 1994. Its purpose was to measure and record electromagnetic waves. It's trajectory at time of last contact had it set on a journey into the complete unknown, never to be heard from again.

Two years ago it mysteriously reappeared, broadcasting bursts of abstract signals.

The signals have been analysed, and while fragments of the original operating code are evident, the bulk of the code appears to be corrupted - unrecognisable. Intriguingly the probe remains functional, however exhibits strange characteristics.

The corrupt code has been traced back to circuit board A7z3t0, and it remains in a state of flux. Chaotic, almost biological in nature, the code is constantly rearranging and reassembling itself. It is systemic, and already many components of the probe have been re-coded for an unknown purpose.

Rationalists put it down to alteration as a result of extraordinary electromagnetic wave bombardment, which has breached the probe's shielding, and by sheer fluke created a self-sustaining genetic algorithm. Some have posited the theory that some kind of artificial intelligence is at play. Others theorise it is an indication of advanced alien lifeforms attempting to make contact.

How it has returned into our observable range is unknown. So for now, we wait. And listen.


released November 28, 2014



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Arbitrary Identifier Sydney, Australia

Your ears are ready, or not.

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